The Summit Fellowship is a full-time training and ministry program which runs over two years. In addition to being paid, you will receive a range of qualifications and training.

Formal qualifications include:

  • Nationally recognised Certificate II and III Outdoor Recreation,

  • Senior First Aid & CPR

  • Bronze Medallion

In-house training in ministry and leadership includes:

  • Leading up front

  • Bible teaching & theology

  • Small group discussion leading

  • Engaging communication techniques

  • Planning and organising

  • Mentoring by the senior Summit leadership team


Primarily in Galston, NSW, you will receive hands-on experience in leading and directing Summit and CRU® Holiday Camps, sharing the gospel with approximately 5,000 students. You will also spend around 65 nights on camp and 55 days in training each year, as well as support other ministry areas through administration and site maintenance.

Our mission

We know that childhood is a crucial stage during which individuals come to faith. In fact, 80% of adult Christians say they made their commitment to Christ before the age of 18. Yet, currently, around 5% of kids in Australia attend church regularly. If they are not in our churches, how are we going to reach them with the gospel?

If they won’t come to us, we need to go to them!

Our mission is to harness the power of camping ministry to further the gospel. 47% of Christians identify that camps, conferences or spiritual retreats were very important in their decision to become a Christian. Through Summit Educational Camps, we love the opportunity to be a part of this experience for thousands of campers every year, to share the gospel with the earnest hope that they will come to know and trust Jesus.  

Explore the great outdoors

Do you love the outdoors? Do you want to be paid to learn how to sail? To abseil? To canoe?

As a Summit Fellow, not only are you trained in a range of ministry and leadership skills, you also get the opportunity to enjoy God’s natural creation in a variety of different ways. One day, you can be learning how to navigate your way through bushlands, the next day, you could be scaling our high ropes tower. Very rarely will there be two days that are the same - every day is a new opportunity for an exciting adventure.

As a Summit Fellow, you can expect to be trained in the following activities:

  • Kayaking, sailing, canoeing

  • Rock climbing, high ropes, abseiling, crate climb

  • Orienteering, bush walking, initiative courses

  • Laser tag, BMX, archery

A day in the life of a camp leader

Summit Fellows attend 30+ camps a year, most of which are three-day camps. Working with students of all ages, a Summit Fellow has the opportunity to lead, mentor and build relationships with campers by running activities, games, and discussion groups on camp. Through these relationships, Summit Fellows are able to share the gospel of Jesus with campers.

To see a sample day on camp, click here.

Where can Summit take you?


Chelsea Sillar

Primary School Teacher

(Summit Fellow 2012-13)

“My time at Summit grew my interpersonal skills, which as a teacher, has allowed me to build strong relationships with students of all ages in a short amount of time. Interacting with different students each time, all with individual personalities and requirements taught me a variety of behaviour management skills. The structure of camps equipped me with time-management skills, which are fundamental in the classroom. The nature of being a camp leader grew my ability to be creative and energetic in front of large groups of children (even when I’m tired!). In short, I’m a better leader and teacher, thanks to my time at Summit.”


Emma Bennett

Staffing Coordinator at Summit

(Summit Fellow 2012-13)

“Even in my seventh year at Summit, I am still being taught new things and attending courses and conferences to continue to develop my skills. I now direct camps and have the wonderful chance to invest, train, and mentor our Summit Fellows. Summit has invested in my personal and professional growth right from the start! I don’t think I will ever stop learning, growing and seeing God’s work.”


Dale Brown

Kids Pastor

(Summit Fellow 2006-07)

“The Summit Fellowship Program gave me so much insight into how to relate to kids on their level. Not just to relate to them, but also to bring the gospel into their world, to help them see why it’s relevant for them. It opened my eyes to the creative ways of doing ministry that I would never have dreamed of. The training you receive will be with you for the rest of your life. I don’t know anyone else who trains people in the way that Summit does. You will be far better equipped for gospel work, no matter what context you land in. Your heart will be stirred to give yourself to the work of the Lord.”

Does this sound like you?

If so, we would love for you to fill out the Summit Fellow application form!

You can view the position description here.

The Ian Holt Memorial Fellowship Program has two main intakes per year - January and July. Along with an interview, the application process also provides candidates with the opportunity to volunteer on a Summit camp in order to experience a camp first hand, meet the team and gain a deeper understanding of the Fellows program. Applications are welcome at any time, but these volunteer camp opportunities usually happen in March to June for the July intake, and September to November for the January intake.

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