Become an International Intern with Crusaders and experience the best parts of our Summit Fellowship Program.

Our International Intern program provides successful applicants with the opportunity to:

  • Live in Australia from October until April (optional: an extension to your stay is available, if permitted by visa conditions)

  • Share the gospel with over 1,500 children and youth through leading on camps

  • Develop skills and gain experience in Outdoor Recreation and Ministry

  • Travel and sightsee around Australia (at your own expense) during three weeks of leave over the Christmas period

  • Be mentored and trained in apologetics and theology, camping ministry and more

On-site shared accommodation, most meals, health insurance, travel reimbursements and a small living allowance is provided to cover most of your expenses (read more in the position description). Unlike most training programs, we don’t charge any course fees!

Our mission

We know that childhood is a crucial stage during which individuals come to faith. In fact, 80% of adult Christians say they made their commitment to Christ before the age of 18. Yet, currently, around 5% of kids in Australia attend church regularly. If they are not in our churches, how are we going to reach them with the gospel?

If they won’t come to us, we need to go to them!

Our mission is to harness the power of camping ministry to further the gospel. 47% of Christians identify that camps, conferences or spiritual retreats were very important in their decision to become a Christian. Through Summit Educational Camps, we love the opportunity to be a part of this experience for thousands of campers every year, to share the gospel with the earnest hope that they will come to know and trust Jesus.

We seek to achieve that goal by running educationally exceptional camps with fun and safe adventure activities, and dedicated Christian leaders, that mean schools keep bringing their kids back each year for more.

Currently, there are over 120 Summit Camps running each year, reaching almost 9,000 students with the good news of Jesus.  

Where we are

Home to some of the most spectacular cities in the world, Australia boasts of being the largest island on earth.

From tropical coastlines to sweeping mountain ranges, modern cityscapes to native wildlife sanctuaries, Australia offers an amazing range of experiences for the adventurer.

Our Galston campsite, located just an hour from Sydney CBD, is where our interns are primarily based and Summit runs programs at camps all around the state.

Explore the great outdoors

As an International Intern, not only are you trained in a range of ministry and leadership skills, you also get the opportunity to enjoy God’s natural creation in a variety of different ways. One day, you can be learning how to navigate your way through bushlands, the next day, you could be scaling our high ropes tower. Very rarely will there be two days that are the same - every day is a new opportunity for an exciting adventure.

A day in the life of a camp leader

Working with students of all ages, an International Intern has the opportunity to lead, mentor and build relationships with campers by running activities, games, and discussion groups on camp. Through these relationships, they are able to share the gospel of Jesus with campers.

To see a sample day on camp, click here.

Meet Carly

International Intern, 2017/18

“I have been reminded that the same Jesus I serve in Florida is also being worshipped and served in Australia.”

2018_SCD1_Carly Currier-9806.jpg

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Carly and I am from Florida. I studied Telecommunication & Film at the University of West Florida. I have worked with FUGE and most recently I have been working with Summit here in Australia.

What was your time with Summit like?

My time with Summit has been a time of growth. It has stretched me and challenged me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been able to experience a vastly different side to camp ministry and develop skills in outdoor recreation that I didn’t have previously. I have marveled at the Blue Mountains and spent too much time staring at the Opera House. I have been reminded that the same Jesus I serve in Florida is also being worshipped and served in Australia.

What was your favorite Summit camp moment?

On a Year 7 camp, the girls in my discussion group were all really eager to ask questions about God and learn what it really looked like to live a life of passion for Jesus. During morning tea on the last day, I was chatting with a girl in my group named Zara. She told me that discussion group was her favorite part of camp because she was getting the chance to actually ask questions about Jesus and talk about how He impacts her life. In chapel or Christian Studies, she said they just have to sit and listen. But she was so thankful for the opportunity to sit and talk about her faith with her friends. I was able to give Zara a Bible and a devotional book of her own because she wanted to learn how to study the Bible for herself and find answers to her own questions!

What did you learn during your time in Australia?

I have learned that I don’t know everything about camp, I don’t know everything about student ministry, and I don’t know everything about myself! I’ve been given so much outdoor education training, and really built up a valuable skill set. The Lord has taught me a lot about obedience, in that it’s not always fun and it often requires sacrifice. But the reward of obedience is being in the center of His will, and that is infinitely better. And sometimes the center of His will is in Australia, which is awesome!

What was it like being part of the Summit team?

The Summit team reminds me of the early church. They live together, they serve together, they eat together, they worship together. The Summit team is a family, and they warmly welcomed me in with ease. They are sassy jokers but they are dedicated workers. They have a passion to see kids come to know Jesus, and it is evident in all they do.

What would you say to someone considering doing the Internship?

If you are passionate about reaching the next generation with the gospel, do this internship! If you need a reminder that the Body of Christ is so much bigger than your local church, do this internship! If you believe Jesus can changes lives on a sailboat or a rock wall, do this internship! If you feel God calling you on a great adventure, do it!

Does this sound like you?

Then we would love for you to apply. Positions are limited, so apply now!

If you would like more information, please get in touch via the form below and we will be in contact with you.

Applications close 30th June.

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Personal qualities of an International Intern:

  • A mature and consistent Christian faith, with active involvement in a Christian church of sound biblical teaching; passionate commitment to Christian ministry and service; ability to apply Christian faith and principles in all areas of responsibility.

  • A full agreement with The Crusader Union of Australia’s ‘Basis of Belief’.

  • An interest and/or experience in dealing with campers from K – 12.

  • A friendly, approachable and polite demeanour; ability to clearly communicate with children and adults.

  • Appropriate health and fitness to carry out all duties in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Ability and willingness to commit to irregular hours as necessary.

  • Flexibility and a willingness to do a range of tasks (within the bounds of your skills/abilities).

  • A commitment to the value of camping as a means of enabling a positive environment for evangelism.

  • A strong Bible knowledge and a clear understanding of the Bible’s application to the day-to-day lives of children and youth.